A word cloud produced at the UCMR Day 2024 that illustrates what we associate with UCMR

Guess what? UCMR has started up a research blog!

The UCMR blog is one of the tools to strengthen the core values of our community. Some of them you can see in the word cloud – collaboration, network, excellence, democracy, transparency, and fun! Anyone associated with the centre can share his/her knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and experiences within the field of microbial research on the blog.

A blog is a popular way to talk about science. Myself, I am passionate about popular science writing and strategic research communication. I have a degree in science journalism and a scientific background in biology (forestry).

In my opinion, research communication is not a sidekick but an important integrated part of a researcher’s daily life. Research communication helps boosting awareness of your work and is bridging academia with public understanding. It can create an understanding of what research is and how it is of benefit to the society. Research communication can also help you get the funding you need.

At the UCMR Day 2024, we asked you for input on outreach: “Which strategical activities can we do to reach out with infection research results to society nationally and internationally?”.

We received quite many good ideas: giving popular lectures at schools and to other parties in society, sending out more and better press releases on microbial research, being more present in social media channels, arranging UCMR popular events and participating in already existing events in Umeå, and producing short films with research pitches.

Entertainment and science was another interesting angle that one participant thought was a good combination. Personally, I liked the suggestion of a popular science web page that describes in plain simple terms the achievements of UCMR. Watch out for this in the close future!

One participant suggested that funding should be offered to researchers who are participating in popular events. I agree. In my mind, such a measure could encourage more researchers to devote time to engage.

A participant put forward that all life science initiatives at Umeå University could collaborate more to be stronger and more efficient in research communication. I could not agree more.

One participant suggested a blog – and, here we go!

Ingrid, research coordinator UCMR

P.S. Talk to me if you would like to write on the UCMR blog

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