1. Lick the palm of your hand
  2. Eat dirt
  3. Wear socks in an airplane toilet
  4. Carry a headless bird for 15 minutes. Bury it.
  5. Leave camembert cheese on a bench in the sun for 4 hours. Eat.
  6. Kiss your cat’s feet.
  7. Ask the person next to you to breathe out. Sniff their breath.
  8. Lick your mobile phone.
  9. Kiss a football.
  10. Pick your nose and eat it.
  11. Make a cocktail from your blood and drink it.
  12. Take a sauna.
  13. Lick the soles of your shoes.
  14. Rub your face in someone’s beard.
  15. eat 1kg of prunes. Wait three hours.
  16. Wear bare feet in a public shower.
  17. Block your nose, go into a toilet. Breathe through your mouth.
  18. Spit on a glass slide and view under a microscope.
  19. Don’t wash your armpits for 5 days
  20. Kiss your partner.

I am Tarsh Bates and I am a postdoctoral researcher in Design and Molecular Biology. My background is in biotechnology, biological art, microbiology and cultural studies. I explore human-microbe relationships through artistic research and practice and am currently focusing on olfactory ecologies.

Interested in hearing more about olfactory art and biodesign? Join me for a Pint of Science at Gröna Älgen on Tuesday 14 May at 18.00.